Letter from the President - February 2018

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Letter from the President - February 2018


I know most of you are knee deep in your business's end of year financials, and like Santa's little elves you're working tirelessly to wrap up those financials and get them submitted to your accountant. I think it's important to reflect on the year you've had as you wrap those presents, many of which are probably going to the IRS - which unlike the rest of the federal government will never shut down and refuse to provide the service of taking your money.

Whatever your thoughts are on the national climate and how effective or ineffective our lawmakers are at running this country, we need to realize that local businesses are the true backbone our country.  When dysfunction strikes in government the small business must go on, Pendleton will still need goods and services. When it really comes down to it, most of us do our part for the employees next to us and the customers that make us. Here's to you for making 2017 a great year for Pendleton and each business that stood shoulder to shoulder with you.

At the Chamber, our staff will be working extra hard to keep up with business as usual as we work diligently to fill our Executive Director position. We will very soon have this position filled and issue a press release within the next week. In the meantime, our staff is up to the task, and it's business as usual - they continue to put on great events and be the front door for our community every day. We have an abundance of events coming up in the next two months, and if you're interested in lending a hand the call for volunteers is always open. Stop by the office and talk to someone about how you can help if you're willing to spare the time.

Thank you for your support of the Chamber,

Jordan McDonald
President, 2018