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The Chamber works hard to get people, both tourists and locals, to our member businesses. There are three special programs that we run that our members have the option of participating in: Dine Around, Shop Around; Pendleton Bucks; and the Charm Trail. 

Dine Around, Shop Around (DASA) is a program that is free for members to participate in that is geared towards tourists. Participating businesses need only to complete a form agreeing to give those that present the official DASA card 10% off. We agree to give cards only to our out of town visitors and we don't hand them out during Round-Up week. We attach a list of participating businesses to the card. All of this is with the hope of encouraging tourists to check out more stores and spend a little bit more overall.

Pendleton Bucks is a gift certificate program geared mostly towards locals.This program costs Chamber members a one-time fee of $25, plus 3% of money spent using the Pendleton Bucks. The Chamber produces the gift certificates in denominations of $5, $10, and $20 and includes a brochure of businesses where they are accepted when they are purchased, which is only through the Chamber. These encourage people to shop local with their gifts but still give them options as to where that money can be spent. Participating businesses simply take the gift certificates, write the business name on them, and return them to the Chamber. We process them in our next check cycle and send the business a check for the amount turned in minus the 3% fee.


Many of you are already familiar with the Charm Trail. This program is popular with tourists and locals alike. Those wanting to join the Charm Trail will pay $175 their first year, $75 for the annual Charm Trail Fee, $25 set-up cost, and $75 to purchase your first 100 charms. Renewing Charm Stops must only pay the $75 annual fee. We do several orders throughout the year of charms. Charms cost businesses $0.75 each and must be sold for $1.50 each. Businesses on the trail can have 1-3 charms and we work with businesses to find charms that work for them. We recommend starting with one and then either changing or adding charms a year or two later. This brings those who are only looking for the "new" charms back into your business.

If your business is interested in participating in any of these programs or want more information call the Chamber and talk to Adrienne or myself. 


Megan Lauer

Megan Lauer