Presentations Available on Measure 104

The content below is provided by the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce; the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce while a member of the OSCC, has not taken a formal position on any pending legislation.  This is an informational only posting.

Presentations available on Measure 104

Dear OSCC members and colleagues -

As you know, Measure 104 has already received an endorsement from the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, and endorsements are growing by the day.

Over 20 years ago, Oregonians voted to require the legislature to have a 3/5th supermajority vote on any legislation that raises taxes. Since then, legislators have found loopholes that allow for tax increases without the required vote, often calling them fees, assessments, or threatening to reduce critical tax deductions for businesses. Measure 104 closes these loopholes and helps maintain leverage on key issues in Salem.

A representative from the Yes on 104 will be in the Eastern Oregon area next week. If you are interested in having someone come speak to you and your members on how this measure impacts your industry, please contact Kevin Chambers, Field Coordinator for the Yes on Measure 104 campaign.  

Best regards,

JL Wilson & Jenny Dresler

Legislative Counsel