WorkSource Oregon Training Workshops - Pendleton/Milton-Freewater - January 2019

To register for classes: Speak to a WorkSource Oregon staff person to make sure your “Welcome Process” is completed (requires photo ID).  Then go to then go to the “iMatchSkills Register/Login” link.  Next, click on the blue button, “Job Seekers Click Here.”  Now enter your user name and password.  On the next page, under the “Resources & Services” section, click on the “My WorkSource” link.  Next, click on the “Workshops” button, then the “List” button; this will take you to a complete list of workshops.  Find the desired workshop you want and click on the blue workshop title and follow the instructions from there.  You can register for multiple workshops at once. 

Using the “Calendar” button instead of the “List” button will require you to select a workshop sponsor; select “Worksource Hermiston” for Hermiston classes or “Worksource CAPECO – Pendleton” for Pendleton classes.  Choose which classes you want under the “Currently Scheduled Workshops” drop-down menu by clicking on the selection.  Then click the “Search” button; your chosen choices will show in a calendar format.  Clicking on the blue workshop title will take you to a registration button.  Using this mode, you can search for classes in the upcoming month and register for those as well by clicking on the “Next Month” link found on the calendar view page.

Assessing Soft Skills: What employers are looking for most (and who they’re hiring) are those with high levels of personal qualities, customer care and workplace excellence habits.  How do you rate?  If you’re not getting hired, chances are it’s because you may be lacking in one or more of these three skill areas most important to employers. 

Career Exploration & Identification of Employment Skills: Using web-based resources, you will be assisted in figuring out “What career is best suited to me and what does it take to do that?” “What careers pay well and are growing?” “What do I want to do with the rest of my working life?” and “What are my most identifiable, employable skills?”  Requirement: ability to navigate websites.    

Creating an Effective Resume & Cover Letter: Learn what the different types of resumes are and which one best suits your situation. You will learn how to prepare a professional resume and how to write an effective job-specific cover letter that will greatly increase your chance of getting an interview. Class will end with a created resume.  Requirement: basic computer skills.

Financial Literacy: Having trouble paying bills?  Saving for the future?  Not sure how to create a working budget or set up a payment plan?  This class is for you. 

Introduction to Computers: Learn the basics about computers, the internet, e-mail, creating basic documents and much more.

Job Interview Preparation: Do you dread job interviews? Do you tend to get tongue-tied, nervous, brain numb?  Hate to think about “selling yourself?”  This class will teach you how to overcome your interview fears, speak confidently to your experience, and leave a great impression.  Participants will get a chance to practice mock interviews.

Microsoft Office Suite: Using self-guided, self-paced online tutorials, this staff assisted workshop will help you learn the basics of the programs that make up Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  Depending on personal interest, participants will learn how to create professional documents, spreadsheets, directories and PowerPoint slide presentations.  Students who complete all four programs are eligible to advance in training and apply for official MS Office Certification, a professional certification that will tremendously increase your chances over the competition of landing an administrative position in an office setting.  Requirement: basic computer skills.

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC): The NCRC is a nationally recognized certificate providing documentation of work readiness skills in three core areas: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. Testers will take three proctored assessments on the computer to obtain a certificate. NOTE: To take the NCRC, you must get a minimum passing score (3) on the three “Work-Related Skills Review” quizzes accessed on your WSO services page (ask staff for assistance if needed).  If you plan to apply for a CAPECO scholarship for a vocational training program, you will need to take and pass the NCRC.  Requirement: basic computer skills.

Pre-Employment/Work Readiness: A step by step process on how to more effectively look for jobs, apply for jobs, keep jobs and leave them gracefully.  This class is specifically designed for those who consistently have a difficult time finding employment as well as those who may be entering the workforce for the first time.  Not getting a job may be as simple an issue as how you are filling out an application, what you say (and how you say it) on your voice messaging system, and your job search methods.

Social Media: Customers will learn to identify and access appropriate networking opportunities, manage online profiles by creating a professional brand.

WorkSource Oregon is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available to persons with disabilities and limited English upon request.

WorkSource Oregon es un programa que respeta la igualdad de oportunidades. Ayudas auxiliares y servicios están disponibles para personas con discapacidades o conocimiento limitado del Ingles.