Join the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce

So why do businesses and individuals join the Pendleton Chamber?

Community ~ The Chamber is the most positive organization in the community and works with a multitude of other local and regional organizations to keep our local economy strong and our community vibrant and livable. Members become partners to help achieve those goals.

Connections ~ The Chamber provides many networking opportunities where business people can find new leads, contacts and customers, and newcomers to Pendleton can find like-minded friends. Joining a Chamber committee is another way to make those connections.

Communications ~ The Chamber produces daily FaceBook updates, weekly email “Quick Notes” messages, monthly “Pendleton Business” newsletters, and an annual Community Guide to keep you informed and to keep others informed about our members.

Clout ~ The Chamber is the voice of business in Pendleton. With over 450 members who employ about one-half the population of the community, each member’s voice becomes stronger. The Chamber is also connected to the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, Travel Oregon, and other regional and state-wide organizations to maintain an open and speedy flow of information both ways.